Spontaneous Socialising

Umity helps you to connect with people nearby, like no other app.


About Umity

Philosophy, Signals, Ideas & other cool features.

Specs and Features

Natural way to Socialise

Due to the pre-agreed activity, people find it smoother to socialise as they already share some common interests with their group.

Spontaneous Socialising

Find people for any idea, any place and any time. Meeting someone on Umity could take as little as 5 minutes!

Smart matching

Umity helps you to find people by a smart matching algorithm based on common interests and more! 


With us, socialising is carefree. You can always decide which social activities and events suit you more depending on your plans and location.


We are commited to providing a safe environment for our users, that’s why you may display your signal location anywhere within a large area around you.

Group meetings

With Umity you choose how many people you want to socialise with. One-on-one walk in a park or a party for 30! The only limit is your imagination.


London, UK


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